“Just as the sun by itself
illuminates the entire world, 
so the field owner illumines
everything in the field.” Stephen Mitchell.

And so, I write to myself whether I made it to be very old and grey or whether I expire, I reflect on what life has shared with me and how I have gone through pain and picked myself up. I had a setback and pulled myself up by expressing myself in words. Telling myself I am the best person in the world and remembering when I used to travel the world, I remember a trip I made to Barbados over 20years ago. I loved and still love that beautiful Island, its people the food and the music which is an important part of the country’s culture. I was mesmerised by the sweetness of the calypso and the way the men moved their hips to the love music of the island.


My Guide told me Barbados and its culture were a blend of West African and British cultures, now while the people mostly spoke English I found some of what they said confusing. When my guide first picked me up at the airport first thing he said was, ‘wa gine on’? Of course, I did not understand him I was confused. He laughed explained to me that it meant what’s up? My guide explained to me he spoke good English and Bajan dialect which was a combination of many languages from the settlers.


I had a good time and visited the beaches mostly, in a bar I once heard a man say, ‘Every bush is a man’. I took no notice of it. Then in my hotel lobby I heard two local women arguing most of what they said I could not understand except the repeat of what I had heard previously ‘Every bush is a man’. I asked my guide what that meant, and he said it meant ‘Always be aware of what you say because people are always listening whether you realize it or not.


This saying struck a cod with me then and now in my old age, lingering ears is what I call them or in Nigeria they say ‘olofofo’, ‘Amebo’. You know when you say things innocently and other people pick it and spread it like wild fires. In my life I have had enough of such people I call them poison and hope never to give them my strength for their wondering ears and loose lips are poison and they only seek one thing to destroy or bring you to their own sorry level because no matter how much pity you show them some people are just meant to be losers.


So, you see dear Yemi, me obviously, every culture has a way of expressing itself It is art it is life. Daniel Bell was right. Culture is a form of expression. Like I often say, Life is heaven enjoy it don’t let lingering pain bring you hell.


There are many people out there whose mission it Is to hurt you or bring you down to their level of sadness don’t succumb to it Yemi. I came across a well guided lesson recently called ‘the secret’ some of the lessons I learnt from it have kept me sane. An expression if you may which I learnt from ‘the secret’ reads ‘The law of attraction is the law of creation, the entire universe emerged from thought’.


In religion, we are made to believe by grace that the earth had no form at some form and God said Let there be light and there was light, the book of genesis 1. So, God thought about it and made it happen. We are made in God’s image therefore we can make our own universes and by faith have it.


We as humans have our cultural believes too based on our thoughts, thoughts of our ancestors looking down on us and helping us out of difficult situations, thoughts about making it big in life and recreating our paths in life. Positive thoughts attract positivism, Arts, culture, life, what we ought to do and not to do. I want to scream, and you know what I am me. I am Yemi Orisawayi. Unique creation and I am creating my own reality. Welcome to Images of Arts, Culture and life.

‘Remember life is a breath, soon I will vanish from your sight. The eye that looks will not see me; You may search but I will be gone. Like a cloud fading in the sky, Man dissolves into death’. The book of job.