My Cathartic moments

‘O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us victory through our lord Jesus Christ’. 1st Corinthians 15: 55-57

It was 8:30 in the morning and I was dropping off my son in school, as I was early, I decided to call mum to ask after you dad. Since you took ill on 21st of June 2019 exactly a week ago today. My siblings and I have been calling mum every day to find out about your progress.

Mum responded and said she was waiting for my older sister to come over to take her to the hospital. I said I would call back. Flashback to last Friday, I had called after dropping my son off Just to say hello as I always did.

Mum told me you were not feeling too well, I could hear you grunting in the background and some pastors from the apostolic faith praying for you. At some point you uttered ‘Amen’. My sister came over and video called so I could see you lying on your back on the bed, I told my sister not to dally but take you to the hospital.

I suspected you my dad with the 21 lives had used it all up and it was time. I was afraid, I hung up and called another sister to let her know what was going on and then my brother. Much later that day after school runs, I called mum again and she said you had been given a bed in the hospital and had fallen asleep. They could not wake you up you were in a coma just like that. The beginning of the end.

So, my siblings and I had a conference call on Saturday, praying hard but each of us realising you could not live in that frail body for ever. I remembered the Luther Vandross song, ‘dance with my father again’. So, I prayed for one more chance to speak with you again. God granted that wish and we all spoke with you and what do you know you woke from the coma opening your eyes like little windows and trying to utter something then closing them again.

Mum was dedicated always by your hospital bed every day, she slept outside on the bench at night and I begged her to get someone perhaps one of your younger brothers to stay with you at night.

I suppose when you have lived with the same person for 52years there are some duties you just don’t delegate.

Mum stayed strong even in the torrential rain and mosquitos at night she would only go home in the morning for change of clothes I thought she was too old at 75 to be sitting up all night.

Well on Thursday mum went home to rest with the hope of coming back to resume her duties by your side on Friday 28th of June. Alas it was not to be for you had an appointment with your creator. At 8. 25 am your time was up. Your room mate said you opened your eyes smiled then you took your last breath.

Meanwhile, mum was still getting ready to come and sit by your side to will you back to good health, I had called mum to ask how you were doing. At 10am I called again, and mum was angry because she had cancelled her taxi and complained about being stood up by my sister whom she was waiting for to take her to the hospital, mum’s brother was with her too I could hear him in the background yelling at someone.

It was all a rouse, my sisters had called my uncle because my younger sister had been in the hospital when you were taking your last breath, she had seen it all with the doctors trying to resuscitate you, she had called my older sister who raced to the hospital with her husband, they refused to believe it and had an ECG done which showed you flatlined.

Dad, you were 85years old. You lived a good and happy life. For that I am grateful, my siblings and I too got to say goodbye to you when we spoke with you in the hospital and wished you safe trip. You opened your eyes when you heard us as if to say ‘hey, how are you guys, don’t worry its going to be fine’.

Oh, death where is thy sting indeed. I remember you dad with fond memories, I am not sad that you passed but I am happy for you because God satisfied you with long life and shewed you his salvation in accordance with Psalm 91:16. I miss you though.

This is my own earnest prayer too for my house hold and I like your name sake Joshua, for my house and I the lord will we follow. Thank you for being the best dad. Love you always till next time dad.