I come alive

“Even relationship is hard work. You reap what you sow. And if one side stops then slowly and eventually it will all fade away. You need to be aware to make the other feel good such that in similar manner the other will make you feel good! This will keep the flame of relationship alive forever!”
Suyasha Subedi

I come alive when I am out and about with my children, they keep me young with their demands and faces in the wrong directions when they do not get their way. Oh happy days. I recently stayed at Wroxall Abbey with the family thanks to my eldest it was a brilliant weekend away in Warwickshire. The abbey stands on 27 acres of unspoiled view and the view from the breakfast room very stunning in the early morning sun.

The breakfast was self-serve and I forgot to inform the nice staff of my gluten allergy, they were nice to have some gluten free bread in the fridge but I could not eat it as it was not very fresh but the rest of the breakfast was great and the walk in the grounds grand.

The abbey boast of a mini gym, a swimming pool, sauna and spa as well as tennis court and a
Grade I listed Wren’s Cathedral .  The staff were very polite and made our stay wonderful, the room too was fine except for the bed which was most uncomfortable. The children loved the breakfast but for dinner we drove to the nearest town where there was a nice MacDonald’s drive tru where they had their big macs.

In the morning we booked a wowcher deal to Warwick castle and took stunning pictures too, the children and I enjoyed the run-around at the horrible histories maze and had our little card passports stamped in each maze. The grounds of the castle was brilliant and reminded me of my parents farm in Ijede Nigeria with all the expanse of space. It felt nostalgic without the castle of course.

I got tired quickly from climbing the stairs of the different castles and spiral steps that had no end, I soon had a panic attack on one of the spiral stairs in the castle and ran back down while the children carried on. They got to the top and took pictures.

Then it was time to leave the castle and spend money in the castle shops the children got excited with buying souvenirs.

I say to my friends the few that I have, enjoy the company of your children now because when they grow older they would not want to go anywhere with you, my children used to love shopping with me as well as little trips to funfairs and all. But now they just say no mummy you go or sorry we want to watch something on our gadgets.

So I am grateful for their company, their friendship and time for as God wills it they will grow up to have families of their own and add to the family tree and so the world evolves.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Mark Twain